The Aerolithium Advantages in our Newest Generation of Aviation of Aircraft Lithium Starting Batteries

*  Superior Heavy-Duty Battery Management System, ensuring total battery protection and reliable power to aircraft. See BMS pictures and compare for yourself.

*  Aerolithium  Aviation Batteries meet EAA / PMA air worthiness standards of DO-347 and DO - 160E performance criteria for charging,  discharging, temperature extremes, vibration, shock, icing, 
altitude, moisture, etc. However, application is for Experimental Aircraft and any other aircraft not requiring a "certified" battery.

*  Ultra low impedance, low volatile Life PO4 cells are used that stay cooler with no possibility of
thermal meltdown. Non hazardous, Non venting, Specific Energy Density 118 wh/kg

* Aerolithium cells are "matched" before assembly to ensure that each battery cells have exactly
the same electrical characteristics. UN38.3 certified for safety and quality.

* Super fast charging = less work for the alternator, BMS regulated and protected for any size 
alternator/generator  (no expensive 'crowbar' regulator or other external protection needed)

* Minimal Voltage Drop during discharge = quicker starting and happy avionics

* Up to 5000 charge/discharge cycles lifetime ( 5 - 10 years ) = 3 times the useful life of AGM types
and lower operating costs over time.

* Minimal self discharge - stays charged longer when not in use. < 2% per year

* Strong protective Aluminum case - no battery box required. Flange / Bracket mount any position

* Extended operating temperature limits - -30 to 150 degree F. Self heating option available for arctic climates.

* Life PO4 cells used provide a more stable, flatter discharge curve compared to AGM for more
dependable, steady power in case of alternator / generator failure.

*Significant weight savings = improved flight performance, take off distance, increased useful load =
more fuel, more cargo.

* No Maintenance, No Corrosion, No Gassing, Cleaner

* Lower internal turbine start temps/ faster spool up = no hung starts

* Higher user satisfaction level and "cool" factor at airshows 

* Increased Aircraft Value

* No GPU start cart ever needed

* 2 year limited warranty, pro-rated, 30 day 100% $ back guarantee, Lifetime Customer Assistance

* Shipped pre-charged

  FLY with confidence with an AEROLITHIUM BATTERY- The Life Force of your aircraft! 

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