Aerolithium Battery Management
System Specifications and Unique Features

Dual Low Voltage / over discharge protection levels in which load sensors signal activation thresholds for LVC.
 First level protection for accidental " master switch-left on "
 situations, ensuring reserve power for engine starting. 
 Jump starting is a thing of the past.
 Second Level protection for in flight alternator/generator failure, allowing battery to support your aircraft electrical system with stable power at a constant voltage down to its minimum   recoverable charge, thus maximizing flight time on battery power only. 
This Safety Feature engages automatically.

* Overcharge / Over voltage Protection from a regulator Failure   which may result in excess voltage and current. Aerolithiums   heavy duty circuitry needs no external regulator ( crowbar ) assistance. 80V / 200 amps

* Over current protection limits maximum charging current to   battery from any size alternator / generator.

* Thermal Protection - automatically adjusts charging and   discharging limits per environmental temperature conditions.
* AC Ripple Protection - circuit of coils and capacitors to
 filter this out. Smaller engines really need this feature.

* Short Circuit Protection  - 2 ms

* Cell Balancing - Smart Float type begins at 3.55 V activated by 0.015ma differential at 40 - 300 ma

* Sleep Mode - 
  BMS will not drain battery when not in use, < 1 ua

* Mosfet Management   Proprietary redundant design equalizes   MOSFET impedance preventing overheating under extreme   loads.

* Conducted  Protection circuitry to abate damage from
Back EMF at the alternator. No other competitors BMS
 have this important safety feature.

* Dual Core MCU based system redundancy - monitors cell   sensing circuity, sensing wires and thermal sensors against, out   of limit variations,  and other interference.

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