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The Lithium and Sodium Aircraft Battery source for your experimental aircraft !


Whether you are a first-time lithium user or converting from lead to Lithium, Aerolithium is a name you can trust for your Lithium Experimental Aircraft Battery. Newer high tech advantages of Aerolithium Lithium Batteries means; A safer starting battery that gives 3 times the cycle life of lead acid, 13.3 and 26.6V, higher cranking power,  aviation spec Battery Management System for safety and dependability, MUCH lighter weight. Ask if other BMS's have overcurrent protection, redundant temp sensors and BMS heat sink for thermal protection. We also manufacture deep cycle backup batteries compatible for aircraft and our specialized higher voltage - up to 96V -  batteries for electric powered aircraft.
Contact us today to discuss your next Lithium Aircraft Battery needs for custom prototyping for OEM's and special applications.

IFR chart
sodium aircraft battery

Aero310Li  for ultralights

up to 50 Horsepower engines

sodium aircraft battery

Aero C680Li

good battery for Rotax and 100HP engines

sodium aircraft battery


good battery for Rotax 912, 914 , 100HP engines  2 lbs

aerolithium experimental aircraft battery installation

12 or 24V large case

back up power

sodium experimental aircraft battery

Aero680Li 18/24ah

12ah/ 18Ah .. Perfect for all engines, very lightweight, FULL BMS protections, optional battery monitor -

Led or Bluetooth.

sodium aircraft replacement battery

Concorde RG24-15 lithium replacement

Lightweight aluminum case.

RG 24-11 replacement

sodium aircraft battery


Jump Starter


OEM custom quotes welcome / Experimental Aircraft lithium Batteries

vfr sectional map

A Brand you can Trust

Aerolithium is a high-tech U.S. based company specializing in the custom design and development of lithium experimental aircraft batteries for the Aviation and Aerospace Industry. Our proven lithium power solutions for experimental aircraft systems enhance performance and reliability. Since 2011 we have been serving the General Aviation and the Experimental market worldwide.

Our long experience making lithium batteries allows us to obtain the latest in powerful LiFePO4 cells and cutting-edge BMS circuitry to fit clients specs. We are devoted exclusively to manufacturing aviation industry batteries. Our newest line of Lithium Smart Batteries set the Gold Standard in reliability, functionality, and value that are the safest most longest lasting battery compared to any other brand. . Aerolithium Aviation Batteries exceed the starting power requirements for all Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, ULPower, Jabiru, PBS TJ100, PT6, Garrett, Walter and other engines.
Compare for yourself and learn why more and more pilots and builders have decided to switch to Aerolithium for their Experimental Aircraft Battery. Your exceptional aircraft deserves an exceptional battery! 

sodium aircraft battery
sodium aircraft battery
ground power units for aircraft

operational from
+65 to - 30c

ground power units for aircraft

Aerolithium benefits you by offering;


All Aerolithium Aircraft Batteries are
made using the highest discharge rated Grade A cells available. This translates into faster cranking / spooling to N1, minimal voltage drop, Hangar lower cell temps on discharge and charging

Weight and size reduction

2nd major benefit is the smaller size and about 80% lighter weight than lead acid and lighter than other lithium brands, which can increase useful load.
A PC680 weighs 15 lbs which equals 4 lbs Lithium equivalent


Cells - High rate LiFePO4
BMS - proprietary full featured,
Copper bus bars and 8AWG wire for high current, vibration high tolerance

ground power unit for aircraft


Low volume production allows faster adaptation to newer components and technologies.
Our BMS's advantage over other's are the thermal cell monitoring sensors and active balancing as well as superior protection against
overcharge and over discharge.


Superfast charging = less work for the alternator, BMS regulated and protected for any size alternator/ generator. Charge rate = discharge


LiFepo4  is compatible with
lead acid AGM charging profiles.
more enviro friendly, lifespan from
5 - 7 yrs

ground power units for aircraft

STOL aircraft love Aerolithium batteries

ground power units for aircraft

love Aerolithium batteries

OEM's to Light Sport to military can all benefit
from Aerolithium's Experimental Aircraft

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