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Experimental  Aircraft  Batteries

See for yourself and learn why more and more pilots and builders have decided to switch to Aerolithium for their Experimental Aircraft Battery.

Aerolithium Lithium Battery Technology and Benefits​

  • Cells - High DIscharge Rated matched cells

  • Terminals - Copper core

  • Enclosure - Aluminum case, ABS, VERY lightweight

  • Warranty - 3 years

  • Repairable

  • Bigger 8AWG wire used vs 10AWG in cheaper batteries

  • Operating temps - minus 20 to 65 Celsius

  • Electronics - Microprocessor BMS circuit standard

  • Voltage - 14.4 and 28.8 systems

  • Self discharge - < 2% per year

  • Dry cell, no acid, mount any direction

  • Flat discharge curve

  • 2000+ discharge cycles

  • Higher  voltage vs lead = better starting performance

  • Safe, non-volatile

  • Environmentally friendly

  • 5 - 10 years usable life span

  • Replaces lead at 1/4th the weight

  • Custom sizes

  • Waterproof

  • Shockproof, tested to SAE and AS9100 standards

  • Direct drop-in replacement

  • Lower Impedance value vs other lithiums = higher discharge, faster recharge, stays cooler

  • Compatible with all 12V / 24V alternators

  • International orders gladly accepted.

  • Aerolithium Batteries: Always Charged and Ready!!

  • Battery Basics, .....

  • AGM info

  • Interested in becoming a dealer ? contact us

Battery specs
impedance comparison between aerolithium lithium battery and Earthx lithium battery
impedance compare earthx to aerolithium
Aerolithium lithium battery in RV 9 aircraft
Impedence check

Aerolithium Experimental Aircraft Starter Battery Unique Features:

  • BMS programming on select batteries gives it both an LVD and UVP exclusive protection feature so that any accidental or parasitic drains  wont reduce the battery charge completely. also known as ' auto-jump feature'

  • Batteries are waterproof and immune to vibration. Compatible with all alternators that put out 14+ volts.

  • The aluminum case is thermally conductive. Major benefit: Any internal heat is transferred to the case like a heatsink.

  • Bidirectional terminals.

  • Mounting bracket included if needed, firewall bracket fits Vans RV hole pattern.

  • LVD / Low Voltage Disconnect, at 9.6V

  • Aerolithium Batteries also have our exclusive Battery ' Auto-jump' option - if ever the master switch is accidentally  left on, simply

  • push the 'awake' button ( remote mount cable included) and the battery comes back to life to start your engine.

  • A GPU will never be needed. You will never be stuck on an isolated airport in the middle of dark night, hungry, cold, and stressed out for lack of power. 

  • Battery can be located in cabin without any vent tubing.

  • 24V available custom built to your specs and Ah, email for info, see slide show

  • All Aerolithium batteries are in compliance with Rotax 912is manual section 24-00-00 pg 4 and SB 912 I - 005is


RV8 lithium battery

ALL experimental aircraft batteries have an integrated BMS w OVP, OCP, ODP, UDP, thermal and  balancing protections.
All batteries are built to order. CALL 850 844 8987

AeroC680-12  Aero680-12   Aero680-18    Aero680-20  Aero310      EX690C - 7 / - 9    Aero545 - 7


ETX680C replacement lithium battery,
PC680 case fitted with aerolithium battery
2ndStart restart system
24v 20ah lithium battery
sonic ptx9 lithium replacement
etx680C replacement lithium battery
gyrocopter lithium battery
capacity             12Ah              12Ah             20Ah              20Ah-26V            7Ah          7ah and  9Ah           7Ah
weight              3.9lb  1.8kg  3.9lb  1.8kg   5.4 lb  2.6kg     11lb  5kg     2.2lb 1kg    2.2/1kg 3/1.4kg    2.8lb  1.3kg
pca / cca           680  / 330     680 / 330        970 / 450       970 / 450         310/200      690 / 440            550
cont.dischg        100                100                 200                  200              100              80 / 90                80
best chg V ----- 14.40  - - - - - - same - - >
OVP/ UVP ------15.4 / 9.6  ---same --- >
max chg amp      100               100                 200                 200               100               100  / 100           100
life cycles         @ 80% DOD  2000+ @ 10C rate  @ 70F  -  - >
life span - - - - - up to ten yrs - - >
dimensions "    5.9x3.4x5.1    7 x 3 x 6.7  - - - same         7.6 x5 x6.7      5.3 x 3 x 4    5.8 x 3.4 x 4.1    7.1 x 3 x 3.9
                mm  149x85x130  180x76x170  - - same          192.130.170  137x77x101  6.5 x 3.4 x 5.1"  180 x 75 x 95
replaces :          etx680C        PC680              etx Gen 2                        PTX 9 - BS      etx680C             PC545
op temps          - 22 to 160F - - - >                                                        and PC 310
self discharge   ~ 1% per month - - >                                                   

OPTIONS   available:
2ndStart +$25     on 8Ah         yes                   yes                  yes             yes                no      no               yes
heater + $100      8ah ed         yes                    yes                 yes             no                no    no                  no
Dual BMS's
+ $80 This is a TRUE redundant system of the battery pack feeding  2   separate   BMS's ! Available on  12ah A680 and up,  bigger case may be req.
Todays price     $325             $325           $600            $1100       $150        $175 / $195         $200

NOTES :                                                       cubcrafter under seat                cubcrafter
Recell other Li batteries; call for quote
warranty - 3 yrs . . . . .                                                                             
sport cub     sport cub
SHIPPING - - depends on your location - USA or Intl.

For cold temps; use our Hybrid add-on - $150            mounts directly, 6AWG cables
36V or 48V or higher Ah available

Hybrid lithium capacitor battey
lithium sports car battery
carbon cub lithium battery
lithium battery installation in lightsport aircraft

Electric e-plane batteries.
up to 400V available

eplane battery

Electric Aircraft
Battery Charger

TB17 refurbished lithium battery
tb17 lithium battery refurb

TB17 refurbished with new cells and BMS
Modified w 6mm term. w/o plugin   or Original design and non working plugin.
Cores accepted of any model for refurb

z-axis bracket for lithium battery
lightsport lithium battery installation

Update; Due to newer lithium tech cells, Aerolithium now can offer a 24V  45Ah, Turbine battery at 12.5 lbs
This is a custom order  $3500

24V Experimental aircraft batteries
Aero680-24 $700  - - -
Other lithium battery refurb service:

12V 40ah or 24V 20ah lithium aircraft Battery
etx900-24 refurb
Aerolithium 24V Turbine lithium aircraft  battery
lithium turbine battery
Ni-Cd Lithium conversion

RG380E-44Li 40Ah 25lb

RG24-15 Lithium replacement

PC925 size

turbine starting lithium battery 40ah
MD500 lithium battery replacement 20Ah @20 lbs
RG380E-44 Turbine start battery
Concorde RG24-15 lithium replaement
Concorde RG24-15 Li replacement
28V 20Ah 12lb
Brackets available for all batteries ------- Heat shielding available......empty cases for fitment - $17
Exclusive...  2ndStart System  option , never come back to a dead battery again !
We also make batteries for electric tugs

LED fault indicator light
Elec system fault indicator Tri color blinky LED 
attach from bus to ground, no more guessing / counting flashes... $25
LED electrical system fault indicator aircraft

EFIS and Back-up systems Batteries for Experimental Aircraft

Backup / standby batteries by Aerolithium are a newer simpler way to have the avionics and electrical system backup power you need.

These very lightweight batteries can be configured with any connector  needed. Either send in your old one or we'll obtain it online. Our   backup systems batteries are made to order in varying ah sizes  and are configurable in dimensions, casing, and terminal styles.

Another option is to have a larger 30 / 45Ah backup system battery to fly several hours longer without an alternator, this saves your starter battery from being depleted if u have to land and take off again without a functional alternator, it would  eliminate the need for emergency landings due to lack of power.   30Ah systems backup - $375,  45Ah - $450.

max discharge 50A continuous

aircraft EFIS backup battery BMS

Experimental Aircraft Backup Batteries

Custom Battery building services available

graphene lattice
Hybrid engine starting low temp lithium battery

HYBRID battery / capacitor backup for Subzero Starting assistance !

NEW...Graphene SuperCap Engine
Starting Module with voltage display

SubZero HYBRID Battery Exclusively from AEROLITHIUM
Rating: 200 Farad    Rated V: 16.2, surge; 17.1
ESR: 3.7mΩ     leak
age: 3.5ma    Energy: 7.2Wh
Specific Power: 6.2KW/kg     Cycle life: > 500,000
Dims: 160 x 160 x 47    Weight: 4.5 lbs    IP65
Working Temp:
- 40 to +65C    Cables: 6AWG w 5/16 lugs
Internal temp protection and balancing

SubZero HYBRID add-on; $150
    supercap info