Aerolithium is a high tech company specializing in custom design and development of lithium batteries for the Aviation and Aerospace Industry.
    Our proven lithium power solutions for Defense and Aerospace systems enhances performance, reliability and mission success.
    Since 2011 we have been serving General Aviation, the Experimental market and special aviation clientel
world wide.
    Our lithium cell research is a continuing process to obtain the latest in lithium cell technology and cutting edge BMS circuitry.
    We are devoted exclusively to providing the finest Lithium Aircraft Batteries to the flying community.
    Our newest line of Lithium Smart Batteries set the Gold Standard in reliability, functionality and value.
    Aerolithium Aviation Batteries exceed the starting power requirements for all Lycoming, Continental, Rotax and other engines.
    Compare for yourself and learn why more and more pilots and builders have decided to switch to
Aerolithium for their Experimental Aircraft Battery.
    Your exceptional aircraft deserves an exceptional battery!
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    International orders gladly accepted.
    Aerolithium:  Always Charged and Ready!!

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Signature Services           About LiFePo4

  • Choice of Ah capacities
  • Custom sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Direct drop in replacement
  • Compatible w 12V / 24V charging systems and alternators
  • Dry cell, no acid, 
  • flat discharge curve
  • 2000+ discharge cycles
  • Higher average voltage
  • Safe, non volatile 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 5 - 10 year usable life span
  • replaces lead at 1/4th the weight

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Quality of materials
Cells - Lithium iron phosphate / LiFepo4
Terminals - Copper or Brass
Enclosure - Aluminum case
Warranty - 2 year pro rated
Discharge graph - showing flat power curve. This is why Lithium is  better than lead acid.
Operating temps - minus 20 to 65 Celsius
Electronics - BMS circuit standard 
Voltage - 14.4 and 28.8 systems

Self discharge - < 2% per year
Specific energy density - 118wh/kg

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Charging System Basics:
    An engines electrical system  is said to be a 12 volt system, but this is slightly misleading. The charging system in most aircraft will generally produce a voltage between 13.5 and 14.4 volts while the engine is running. It has to generate more voltage than the battery's rated voltage to overcome the internal resistance of the battery. This may seem strange, but the current needed to recharge the battery would not flow at all if the charging system's output voltage was the same as the battery voltage. A greater difference of potential (voltage) between the battery's voltage and the alternator's output voltage will provide a faster charging rate.  Thus a Lithium battery will  charge quicker than the typical sealed ( or AGM type) lead acid  battery.

LiFePO4 Safety information;
Many still think that all Lithium batteries are the same.

If you don't live, eat and breath lithium... all you know is what you read. So, here is some reading material:

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