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Aerostart Portable Turbine Starting GPU

Introducing Aerolithium's new line of Turbine and Piston twin GPU Starting Units.
We call them the AeroStart Portable Starting GPU's.
Our lightest and most popular for smaller turbine aircraft  Helicopters and
piston twins is called the AeroStart Pico.
The AeroStart Pico easy onboard carry jump pack is 100% portable.
This  Lithium Turbine GPU is the smallest - 210 x 80 x 80 / 8.2 x 3.7 x 3.7"
and lightest of ANY portable GPU start packat 3.2 lbs / 1.25kg which makes
this 28V starting GPU  the new leader in the turbine starting market.
AeroStarts unique design separates the handle from the battery for a more
flexible attachment and less torquing on the connector port.
Owning an AeroStart Starting GPU takes the burden off your mainship battery for much faster  much cooler starts.
When using an AeroStart GPU, spin-up's will reach N1 much faster with less voltage drop compared to similar products on the market. This helps extend the life of your main battery , minimizes hot/hung starts thus reducing operating costs and downtime.
Use the AeroStart Nano GPU for all your starting and save the main battery for flying.
Perfect for bush flying and operations from remote strips, unattended airstrips.
Save money by not needing to use the  GPU from the FBO as well.
The small carry case is indestructible and can handle the most severe environments and rough handling. GPU and charger together make for easy transport.
Keep it inside and warm for use in freezing temps. Totally maintenance free.
The AeroStart Nano will give two turbine starts per charge and can be recharged in flight via USB A or 120AC power source.

Perfectly adapted for field use on private, commercial military aircraft, especially helicopters that are trying to reduce weight.
For use on other 24V equipment, diesel engines, etc, the AN2551 connector can be replaced with clients preferred connector. AeroStart can be UPsized to start any engine you might have from the largest diesels, locomotives, yachts to the largest turbines.
Fully charged - 29.2V
Peak Current - 1850 A
Weight - 3.2 lbs / 1.25kg
Charger VAC input - 100 to 240V - 50/60Hz
2 year limited warranty and 7 day a week customer service
Start cycles run about 3500 times average.
All AeroStarts can be charged in flight with the proper DC > AC  or  USB - A  power source.
If you have another brands older heavier startpack , we will give you some credit towards a new AeroStart unit on trade-in.

aerostart gpu
Aerostart lithium turbine GPU
AeroStart GPU
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