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Mining, construction equipment portable start units

Founded in 2010, Aerolithium was the first to introduce lithium power to start engines and we strive to continually bring you the latest technology in  the market.

Portable starting GPU's sizes range from 600A to 3000 amps of starting power. All are handheld weighing from 4 lbs to 20 lbs.

Voltage after charging is 29.2 volts, this voltage is accepted by all aircraft, no need for multiple levels of 24 volt, 26 volt, 28 volt.

The smaller GPU's hang off the aircraft connector port with smaller size and less weight than competing brands.

Think of these portable lightweight starting GPU's as an investment in saving your pricey lead acid certified battery.

We all know that lead batteries have a short lifespan if used to regularly start engines. A lithium GPU solves that problem of costly replacements every year.

AeroStart models AS-16 and AS-30 amp hour sizes are shown at the ONE hour rate versus a 10 hour rate that inflates the capacity for marketing purposes used by competing vendors.

 Our larger GPU's include bluetooth battery monitoring.

12 volt starting GPU's also available on demand.

Portable 24V engine starting units are also used on large diesels in mining equipment, trains, tanks, construction equipment, etc.


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