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Aircraft Battery case evaluation

Battery Case Material ... ABS vs Polycarbonate

ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) and Polycarbonate ( PC ) are two of the most used thermoplastics.

Typical battery cases are injection molded ABS.

We will compare the two here for your consideration of what is best in your battery environment; firewall forward or in back.

Chemical Properties;

The 'A' in ABS offers chemical resistance and hardness

The ' B ' " ' toughness and strength

The ' S ' ' ' a smooth impervious surface.

Polycarbonate is a polymer that comes from the reaction of phosgene and bisphenol A.

PC is known for its optical clarity, toughness and very high heat resistance.

Physical Properties;

ABS has an opaque matt finish with its most impact resistance in moderate temperatures.

PC has a higher impact resistance with exceptional dimensional stability. This makes PC a superior choice for strength compared to ABS.

Chemical resistance;

ABS is well known for resistance to a variety of acids, alkalies, alcohols and salts. However it can be damaged at the molecular level and weakened when exposed to sulphuric and nitric acids and hydrocarbon based substances.

PC is highly resistant to mineral and organic acids and oxidizing and reducing agents. Less resistant to solvents and strong alkalies.

UV Resistance;

ABS does not fare well when exposed to the sun's UV rays for extended time periods. This leads to a decrease in material durability. PC is naturally UV resistant and commonly used outdoors in strong sunlight exposure.


ABS is typically cheaper than PC per kg, however more material is needed to equal the strength of PC.

ABS is commonly used in electronic housings and 3D printing because of its low melting point.

Applications for PC;

PC is widely used in optical lenses, headlights, outdoor fixtures and safety equipment where high temperature resistance and heat deflection is essential.

Typical Applications for ABS;

automotive interiors, childrens toys and moderate temperature environments.

Aerolithium offers both ABS and polycarbonate battery cases.


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